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Monday, November 2, 2015

Shed them clothes Baby!

Another Sunday morning hike with the Santa Fe Hiking Meetup Group.

And I gotta tell you this dumb ole Country Boy from Texas is kinda like the Old Blind Sow that found an Acorn....

Cause kinda like my association with Praxis, I've stumbled into another great group of people with totally different interests and outlooks but definitely great people.

But I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't somewhat amused everytime I go out with this group.

We show up in the morning at the rendezvous point and I swear you'd think these folks were getting ready for an Arctic Expedition.

Don't get me wrong.... it's a little nipply in the morning.... I think it was 39 degrees when we met up Sunday morning, but you gotta understand, especially if you're from the South.... 39 degrees with 20% humidity is about like 60 degrees with 90% humidity.

For me it's short sleeves and cut offs weather.... which is what I've been wearing the last few times out.

My fellow hikers look at me and are amazed.

I look right back at the multiple Michelin man lookalikes and am more amazed.

What is really funny is how when we start hiking which is always uphill..... how these Nanooks of the North start peeling off clothes like an orange.

It's no wonder half of them are carrying backpacks that could double as clothes trunks.... cause they need 'em to store all the clothes they have on.... which they have to carry around the rest of the day.

Me.... I'm fine.... I just start sweating as we go up.

And by the middle of the day.....everybody's basically down to what I'm wearing.... and have been wearing.

Anyway.... that's my funny little anecdote on hiking with this group.

All picking aside, what a blessing to be here hiking with this wonderful group of people!

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