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Sunday, November 29, 2015

People that understand and function in the Physical World have a huge advantage....

Over those who don't.

I see this in spades in Santa Fe.

You have to understand I came from a world of Physical Work - of understanding of Design and Construction where industry abounds and leads and all that live in it and around it have a pretty good working knowledge of how things work and how work is done.

People who create Design Documents, People who can read them and then conduct a symphony of Tools, Materials and Equipment to build things, solve problems, move mountains and then step over them like they're walking up stairs.

People here in Santa Fe don't have a fucking clue how the real world works.

They drive their Subarus off into snow banks and then get out and have that "Well - Shit just happens" look on their face.

Hell - half the people I see can't even drive a fucking car safely.

They talk a good talk - understanding feelings and emotions and the nuances of how relationships should work and how people should think and treat each other and the philosophies of Buddha and a dozen other religions - and can't even flip a breaker when it trips.

I know.... I know.... everybody doesn't have that skill set.

Well - guess what - they need it.

I've often said that I am right on the cusp.... of the age that represents the edge of the perfect balance in history between Old School ways of doing things and the New World of Technology.

I've met a few my age that are better at it than me..... but I also see many people that are a few years older than me that are still asking directions on how to get somewhere when they have an iPhone in their hand with a voice command Maps app.

I could give you countless examples that I have already seen of how oblivious people in Santa Fe are to the physical aspects of the world.

But it would be like beating a dead horse.

They're not gonna change.

I just sit back and watch the show.

And thank God I grew up in an environment where I am aware of.....

The Physical World and How it Works.

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