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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Albuquerque has what Santa Fe doesn't... and vice versa.... and that's a good thing!

Got up Friday morning with a plan and a mission.

Well sorta... couldn't decide whether to go to my standard 9:00 am PIYO Strength class at Anytime Fitness or change it up with a Praxis CrossFit style workout.

My mind was made up when I logged on to the Praxis website and checked out the workout on Train Heroic.

Max Thruster?  Haven't done that before.... yeah - let's go do that!

And a quickie explosive blast of deadlifts and Burpee Box Jumps!

That's the way to start a Friday morning!

Not too bad - a crazy lift on my 185# thruster - which ranked 2nd on the board so far today....

And a respectable 4:08 on the WOD!

The rest of the day?

A trip to Albuquerque!

Which has malls and shopping that Santa Fe doesn't have!

And the shops at the Old Town Plaza had some cool skull theme purses and other apparel.

Kinda thought my daughter would be interested in this for Christmas.... but I got no response from her on the pictures I sent so....

You snooze - You lose!

Is that a halo over your head Wills - or are you about to be abducted by aliens?

Loved the sign on the door so had to go in!

There is a Spirit that borders on the macabre in this whole culture.   

I think my daughter would like it here.

Checking out the hats - I love hats!

Shopping in ABQ - gotta love it!

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