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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2 days of Praxis and 8 seconds of Texas Hippie Coalition

Saw this video of The Dead Weather the other day and loved it so decided to listen to it on iHeart.

Love the concept of this song....

Some people die just a little
Sometimes you die by the drop
Some people die in the middle
I live just fine on the top

I prefer to Live by the Bucket and Die By the Drop!

Part of getting the most out of life for me is taking on the challenge of these CrossFit style workouts.

I managed 5 strict reps on Front Squats with 185# which is a new personal best for me.

And I didn't do too bad on the WOD considering I can't hardly run.

Today's workout was a pretty good mix.

With more running and what used to be my nemesis... the Overhead Squat.

But I did aiiight... managing a 235# Floor press pretty easy and a decent time on the 12 min AMRAP....

But let me tell you.... I can't juggle worth a shit!

Afterwards I treated myself to the buffet at the India House and stayed within reasonable Paleo limits.

I just keep hearing song after song from Texas Hippie Coalition that I love....

This is the latest!

I'm the carnival act that you came to see
The mother fuckin reason that you spent your money
We're so sorry for the nominal fee
But nobody rides this bull for free
For even though it may be hard to believe
But I'm about to go buckin' crazy
8 seconds, 8 seconds
'Cause I'm the bull that can't be rode
An animal that won't do as he's told
And I don't mean as to be so bold
But you be known that I'm the first in show
Looks like you got this old bull by the horns
but if I haven't told you I'm about to throw ya

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