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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Women and Cussin'

I gotta tell you this is kind of a funny post for me because - really - who ever talks about Women and Cussing?

First off, let me tell ya.... well I don't have to tell ya.... if you read my blog, you already know -

I'm a cussing sonofabitch.

Well - there ya go.

My dad cussed much to my mother's frustration.  I was always around people who were cussing.  Hell, I started working in an Auto Parts store when I was 10 sweeping floors and putting up stock and if you know anything about people that work in Auto Parts Stores or at least used to work in Auto Parts Stores, they're usually not the highest echelon of Social Status and they cuss a lot.

I was in the gym starting at 14 and all the guys in there cussed.

Then I graduated from college with a chemical engineering degree and went to work in a chemical plant in 1984 and that was the absolute shit hole for human existence and you'd think you were in the Navy the way people cussed.

For me, there's really not anything wrong with cussing.... it's kinda like a 2nd language or a vernacular that is used for emphasis and intensity in talking.

For example, if I told you....

"That was a hard workout!"

And then I told you.....

"That was a fucking hard workout!".

Which workout do you think was harder?

See the point.

Now when it comes to cussing, I absolutely cannot stand someone who cusses just for the sake of cussing where every 3rd word is fuck this and fuck that.

That's not cussing.... That's abuse.

But when an occasional  cuss word is thrown into a conversation, it kinda like a grenade going off in a crowd - it gets some attention and usually has some effect - Good or Bad.

So back to Women and Cussing.

I think it's downright Cool and Sexy.... and again I don't mean being a complete Potty Mouth.

It's really Cool and Sexy when it comes from some straight-laced woman that you would never expect it from.

I was riding with this lady I had just met in my hiking group who was trying to navigate some really bad ass traffic in Santa Fe caused by a Festival Parade event.

This lady was one of those take things in her own hands kinda ladies which I totally respect and we were having a good ole time just bullshitting about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

And we were having to do some detouring along some back streets to get around the traffic jams and at one point, this lady was trying to back up and this guy in an Xterra was crowding her making a turnaround difficult.

I could tell she was getting a little irritated but she'd been dealing with this shit traffic and detours for like 30 minutes so I didn't think anything of it.

Then this lady just lets go with an "I wish this Fucker would get off my Ass!"

My head snapped around at her like I'd been slapped and I just smiled and thought "Right On!  I like this lady even more now!"

In another totally different circumstance with a totally different lady which I know to be like a Princess Socialite from the East Coast - probably one of the nicest, most proper ladies I have ever talked to - we were dancing and she was telling me about this experience she had with a guy that she was dancing with.

She said she didn't like to dance with this guy cause he liked to "grind".

I pretty much knew what she was talking about but wanted to see where this "proper" lady would go with it so I played dumb - which most of the time is not too hard for me - and asked her....

"What do you mean by "grinding""?

And she just looked at me really straight faced and said.....

"You know - like fucking with your clothes on."

Did I mention I like Women that Cuss?

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