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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dealing with Man-ipulative, Man-Wannabe, Man-Eating Psycho Bitches

Catchy title for a Sunday morning huh?

Upon reading this title, the average reader, which anybody that reads my shit is not, might say -

What's this guy's problem?

To which I would respond.... Don't really have that many problems....

Mainly because I have learned to take a Wide Berth of Man-ipulative, Man-Wannabe, Man-Eating Psycho Bitches!

I have been blessed or cursed to come into contact with a few examples of this species in my life.

And despite my core nature to try and help these people and provide assistance with their problems, I have found that No Amount of Love, Care and Empathy can help them.

They are destructive Forces of Nature that obliterate everything and everyone in their path.

Just so we are on the same page of the identification guide of these Tasmanian Devils of Society, let me list a few observed characteristics:
  • Obviously, I'm talking about Women.  Guys are far too straightforward and stupid to pull this act off.  And besides, if they did, they would get their asses kicked by other guys.... which is what should happen to these Women but because their Women, that doesn't happen..... more on this later.
  • These Women have real Mental Problems.... and I'm not talking about Mental Behavior problems - we all have some of those.  These Women have Chemical Balance problems.  I've always said that 99% of the people that get drug treatment for mental illness would be better off addressing their problems with lifestyle management like Better Diet, More and Intense Exercise, Getting Restful Sleep and Stress and Schedule Management..... Not these Women - They need Real and Powerful Mind Altering / Behavior Modifying Drugs!  
  • In most cases, they know that they need to be on some powerful mental illness drugs, have been on them and gotten off of them and have Terrorized the ones they claim to Love and the Rest of the World around them ever since.
  • Obviously, these women have low self-esteem.  Whether it's from their childhood, an absent or bad relationship with their father or bad relationships with past men or just a conjuring of bad spirits of their own doing, these women go through their life hating themselves and everybody around them. With high self esteem being the cornerstone of any happy individual, these sick individuals lack the moral and ethical foundation for any healthy and meaningful relationship.  
  • And as is typical with every low self esteem person, they seek to pull those down around them to their depressed level just to make themselves feel better.
  • They are usually in a marriage, relationship, condition or environment where they have some leverage or control over their male partner through children, finances, longevity, mis-information or just plain ole coercion.
  • They use and abuse their family with their life altering tirades and temper tantrums and then snap out of it an hour later and wonder why everybody is looking at them and treating them like a hand grenade that just went off.
  • Oh and catch this one - which is really important - None of the Armageddon Around Them is Their Fault!
  • From my experience, they are all physically more like Men than Women - they have lost their feminine qualities and natures to an extra hundred pounds and look more like Brawlers than Babes.... and they act that way too.
  • These Testosterone - filled Bitches wanna act like a Man!  They shout, cuss, talk loud and generally come across like a Bitch Dude that you would Bitch Slap in 2 seconds cause he was a Dude.
  • Which brings me to a really important point. A Woman is to be respected and revered as a Woman... as long as she acts like a Woman.  But when a 200# Woman is up in a Man's Face, amped up on whatever Bad Mojo Chemicals are floating around in their Demented Minds, cussing / fussing / spitting, pointing fingers and pushing..... then they have crossed over the Line between Woman and Man..... and should be treated accordingly.
I relate this little collection of thoughts with the understanding that not everybody has encountered or dealt with women like this or even know or acknowledge they exist.

I guess I've just been "blessed" to have met and known several in my lifetime and have developed a mechanism / system for dealing with them.

Step 1:  Recognition - It won't take long to spot these Deviants because they are not happy people.  They tend to be super-critical, negative, never have anything good to say about anybody kind of people. And they don't have peaceful eyes.  Look them straight in their eyes and you will see the Torment they live with everyday.

Step 2:  Following Recognition - Recede / Retreat - In other words, get the fuck away from them.  You may think, initially like I did, that you can help these people and you will likely have that natural urge.... like picking up an abandoned stray or a Serial Killer hitchhiker on the side of the road.  In a word - Don't!

Step 3:  Recommend - Get with their husbands, kids, friends and talk / recommend to them about getting this Sycho Soul some Help.... and I don't mean counseling.... that won't help these people.  Like I said, I don't believe in Psychiatric Drug Intervention in 99% of the cases in which they are prescribed.  These people are the exceptions.  I think the psychiatrists need to take all the drugs they are prescribing to the people who don't need it and give it to these few individuals that do.  It will improve their situation, their lives and give the people around them something to be thankful for.

There now.... Wasn't that Special!

Or at least different.

Hey - that's why you're reading this blog.

I cater to those open minded and maze bright enough to know that the World isn't always what it seems....

And that the responsibility for our own happiness dictates that we navigate this Precious Gift We Call Life in a way that minimizes Damage and maximizes.....


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