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Monday, September 5, 2016

Are You Really as Good as You Think You Are?

Assessment - it's a word that's not used in a lot of conversations.... More something suited for the Business World or maybe even a Construction Project.

  1. the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or something.

Part of the Problem with doing an Assessment is that you have to know something about the Subject Matter, i.e. be an SME..... Subject Matter Expert.

Usually that takes some formal training and at least a few years of work in the field or industry.

Then you have to have some sort of document, procedure or list (there's that word again - "list") to benchmark or reference whatever you're assessing against some industry or defined standard and collect / record / document the data obtained during the assessment.

Then you have to actually DO the assessment.... in an Objective and Unbiased Manner.

Next step is to compare the data you obtained in your assessment and categorize it, break it down into smaller elements or groupings of sub-subject matter and identify the gaps or differences between the data obtained vs the industry standard.

Finally, based on the findings, recommendations can be presented / considered for change / improvement to the Client / Assessee (I just made that word up - that's the person or entity being assessed) based on the data comparison and analysis.

Sounds all pretty technical - right?

Well - it is.... kinda.... because it is a rough explanation of the Scientific Method....

sci·en·tif·ic meth·od
  1. a method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.

But what if you used this Assessment / Scientific Method on Yourself?

That would make it a Self-Assessment right?

I mean - Come on - How many people actually Objectively Assess themselves and Identify Areas for Improvement and then Actually Work on closing those gaps.

Perhaps the Natural Tendency is to have a built-in resistance or barrier to seeing someone that is the Way We Want to Be or at least possesses and practices some habit, activity or lifestyle that We Wish We Had.

We either question the validity or necessity of the elevated approach or at worst, attack it.

For me, it's the opposite.  I am drawn to people who are better than me.

I want to learn from them, understand their motivations, plageurize their ideas, compare it to my own and then find a way to blend or merge their better way of doing things with the collective efforts of my own life.

I Beg, I Borrow, I Steal from the Experiences and Discoveries of Other Individuals and Happenings in my life to make my life and my life experiences better and hopefully I provide a few nuggets of information and experience that they can consider for themselves.

Because, in the grand scheme of things,  I am no more than a pimple on a gnat's ass when compared to the Incredible Knowledge and Diversity of the World around Me and the People in it.

It's Ok, and for me a Critical Catalyst for Change and Improvement, to listen and look at someone and appreciate how they do certain things or conduct themselves and take notes and say....

I wanna be more like them.

I've been experiencing a lot of that lately having somehow fallen into a community of a different type....

Where Kindness, Joy, Peace and Positive Projection is tempered with Knowledge, Judgment, Experience, Acceptance, Discernment and Understanding of Human Nature.

It's kinda like taking the la la Santa Fe mind-style and injecting a heavy dose of Real World Awareness to it and coming up with a Better Life Witch's Brew of Green Chile and Chicken Soup.

Assessing Yourself Objectively and coming to the conclusion that You're Not All It.... or even a Small Part of It is a process that, while uncomfortable and challenging to the life status quo, can force you to exact needed changes that will take your life to a whole new level.

Where you are not as good as you think you are but.....

Better than You Were Before.

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