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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Why buy restaurant food when you can eat this!

Roasted Chicken Breast on skillet grilled green chile bread topped with tomato, basil and olive oil.

And another dish with several different courses:

A Spring Mix base with carrots, avocadoes, tomatoes and topped with sliced strawberries.

And on the bottom, cast iron skillet grilled jalapeno slices, yellow squash and carrot sticks.

So there's the veggies and carbs....

A big pattie of the ground turkey breast mix is the protein.

While all that's going on, I'm doing a 4-1/2 min boil on some eggs to complement future meals.

I also did 2 eggs over medium and put those over the split turkey breast pattie and sided with a Fruit Punch Creatine / Fresca / Cabernet mix with a slice of fresh lime.

How much would this meal cost in a restaurant?

Salad - $10
Roasted Veggies - $7
Ground Turkey Breast Mix and 2 eggs - $7
Yeah.... probably about $24..... I made it for < $5.

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