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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ground Turkey Breast Mix preparation

I've done this step by step prep on the blog a few times but was telling several of my hiking group about it so I figured I'd do it again.

Ground Turkey Breast is 99% fat free.... meaning it's SUPER LEAN.... meaning when you cook it up, it's DRY..... unless....

You help it out a little bit.

Here's how I do it.

1 beaten egg with seasoning
Honey Mustard

Add at least 3 or 4 shots of each liquid and at least 2 teaspoons of the mustard to the beaten egg and mix.

Here's Trader Joe's version of this super lean high protein meat.

Dump the turkey into a suitable sized container and assemble your seasonings....

For this run, it's salt, pepper, TJ's 21 season salute and Red Curry powder.

Add plenty of it.

And then mix it in....

Then add the wet mix.

And mix that in thoroughly.

Next comes the veggies..... for this batch it's

Carrot sticks, Green Bell Pepper, Jalapeno Pepper, Sweet Onion, Basil and Kale.

Dice and season and mix....

And add to the wet turkey mix....

There it is.... the mix and you can do anything with it....

Stir fry, omelettes, meat loaf, sandwiches or....

a Stand alone pattie.

Add some TJ's pastrami and a sliced sweet baked potato to the skillet and flip that ground turkey breast mix pattie.

There it is..... over a Spring Mix with the baked sweet potatoes and strawberries on top.

That's an easy mix that is High Protein Low Calorie and will go with anything!

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