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Friday, May 22, 2015

Shot at and Missed and Shit at and Hit.... Giving PRP a try.

Kinda the way I feel right now.

Despite my best efforts to be a fine oiled 52 year old machine....

What I've ended up being is at 52 year old cripple.

With a partially torn Achilles tendon, a new injury to my left knee and a tweeked right elbow.

So let's prioritize.....

Torn Achilles Tendon is a Show  Stopper so that's the Priority.

Been working around it but decided to try something experimental.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy!

As usual, I turn to Wikipedia for the Real Deal Scoop...

But here's a few more links for more info.....

A friend of mine from ZiaCrossFit said he and several other athletes had good results in treating knee, shoulder and elbow injuries with PRP.

He gave me the name of the following guy.....

Is this Voodoo or BS?

I don't know.... but for $300 I figured it was worth a try.

Today, I had my first treatment.

Blood was drawn, centrifuged and platelets were injected.....

With a 1-1/2" needle..... inserted about 20 times into the torn and scarred areas of my Achilles tendon using a realtime Ultrasound image as a guide.

Will it work?

How the Hell do I know?  But given the alternative.... Surgery with a year of rehab and recovery..... I figured it was worth a try.

Per Dr Mav, it takes 4 injections for the full benefit.

With ultrasounds between each one to see if the scarring dissolution and tissue regeneration is actually occurring.

Is this crazy?

Yeah.... Probably.

But I pushed my body to the limit......

And it broke....

So I gotta fix it.

Is this the end of my goal to be the best that I can be Physically?


Just like everything else in life.

Nothing happens in a straight line.

There are periods of time when the field is open and you run wide open.....

And there are times.....

When you're in Injured Reserve.

As I have learned in the Pain Zone....

You're never too old to tear something up.

Is it a curtain call?


It's just another step on the Road of......


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