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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Perfecting Paleo... Competition Saturday at Zia CrossFit... Snow-Wind-Sunshine... Pain and Injury

A lot of this blog focuses on Paleo cooking and eating.

I've been adhering to a pretty strict Paleo diet for well over a year now and have found it the best way to approach Life.

For me, Perfect Paleo is about getting as much protein and nutrition with as few a calories as possible.

Why?  Cause I want to be Lean and Strong.

I need the Protein for muscle regeneration and I need it with as few a calories as I can to be lean.

Why do I want to be lean?

Because less weight is easier on my joints and soft tissues AND

You look bigger and stronger when you're leaner.

So what is Perfect Paleo for me?

Lots of flavorful dark colored greens both raw and cooked 

Like skillet sauted Kale over Spring Mix

Throw in some baked sweet potato for sweet and soft texture with a good helping of slow release carbs.

Throw in 2 slices of TJ's Turkey Meat Loaf for protein.

Add some fresh strawberries to the top of the salad and throw in some TJ's roasted chicken breast and my special mix of 95% lean ground meat.

There's that extra lean ground meat pattie with a wet mix of honey mustard, soy sauce, tabasco and balsamic vinegar and diced sweet onion, bell pepper, jalapeno pepper and carrots.

And a skillet heat up of the TJ's chicken breast and sweet potato with some cinnamon added.

Nice base of tomatoes and basil and kalamata olives.

Throw in the 2 proteins and sweet potato and you've got a beautiful plate of Perfect Paleo.

Perfect Coffee?  

For me, it's Millstone Foglifter with a teaspoon of Sugar in the Raw, a 1/2 a cap of Vanilla Extract, a dusting of Cinnamon and a splash of Half and Half.

May 9th in Santa Fe and 46 degrees.

Team competition at Zia CrossFit....

40 Burpee Box Jumps
30 Stone Lifts
20 Power Clean and Press with 135#
60# Sled Pull with 2 team members on it.

You can't see it in this picture, but I had to pull over on my bike ride back and don my Rain Jacket because there were flurries of SNOW coming down!

Which was quickly followed by Sunshine!

With a blown Left Achilles Tendon, I've decided to got back to Miller Lite.

For every pound of weight loss, you decrease impact on your knees / ankles / feet by 15 pounds.

My goal is to get back down to my low around 166.

After the 10 mile ride and toned down workout at Zia CrossFit, I weighed an even 170.0.

I followed that up with a triple protein - roasted CHICKEN, ground BEEF patty, ground TURKEY patty - over Kale and Sweet Potato, Fresh Jalapeno, Sweet Onion and Basil and Spring Mix with tomato, carrots topped with Strawberries.

So I'm here in Santa Fe with a 40% torn left Achilles Tendon and I'm riding my bike and working out around the injury and eating great food.

Pain is something that makes you change, adapt and modify.

This injury has confirmed that there are limits to what I can and should do.

Will I recover?

Yes....and I will be - 

 Better, Smarter, Leaner and Stronger.

Injury and Pain is a way of saying....

You need to find another way to do things.

It's all about the Evolution of....


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