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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Starting Over by Questioning Everything!

Seems my life is becoming a Test Tube for the process of giving up and starting over.

Sometimes you have to give up on everything and start over from nothing just to appreciate anything.

And as this blog and its content is clear indication of, I have found myself questioning everything about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

My take on it so far....

Assume the World is Wrong and rely on your own wiles and wit to deal with that fact.

The World wants you to believe that as you get older, you get slower and weaker and more reliant on the World to support you.


I am living proof that you can get stronger and better as you get older.

Haven't done squats since mid November but wanted to see what the manmade left knee would do and went up to 255# for 4 easy reps.

Could've easily done 275 but thought this was a great first step for the new knee and a post April 2016 Left Knee Total Knee Replacement high.

Went on to smoke the 35# dumbbell lunges and Toes to Bar beating the closest time so far today by over a minute.

Continuing the high rate of protein intake I have been on for the last 2 months with salmon over grits with 2 eggs and 2 - 97% fat free Hebrew National beef wienies and some leftover tuna and veggies from yesterday.

The strength increase continues.

Fuck what the World wants you to Be!

What You Are and What You Become is totally up to You!

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