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Monday, January 16, 2017

Paleo is the Way the Truth and the Life!

Nothing wrong with Pork Chops, Roasted Chicken and Tuna.

Been talking to quite a few people lately about the benefits of a Paleo diet and it seems there's quite a few people that are coming around to the fact that too many carbs and too much sugar is something that's not good from them.

All I know is that it changed my life for the better since I began it about 4 years ago.

I genuinely believe that you win the nutritional battle at the grocery store.

Don't buy it and don't bring it home and you won't eat it.

Of course, the positive reverse of that is true.

Give a little thought about what you should eat before you go to the grocery store and only bring home the right stuff for you and your family!

Here's a really quick meal of salmon, tomato, roasted chicken, wild rice, egg and a bacon wrapped jalapeno.

One of my cheap and easy secret diet weapons -

A Colossal Roasted Chicken from Smith's - $8.99 and it provides me with at least 6 meals of easy and quick protein.

Cast iron skillet grilled veggies begins with caramelized onions.

Yellow squash.

Poblano and jalapeno peppers.

Thin sliced fuji apples.

Seasoned this 1/2" thick bone-in pork chop with meat tenderizer, salt, pepper and my mix of curry powder - garam masala - allspice - cumin.

2-1/2 mins on each side and a side of wild rice warmed up in the skillet.

Paired with a Barefoot Pinot Noir and you've got a meal fit for a Paleo King or Queen!

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