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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Worshiping at the Altar of William

Coming from a purported Life and Lifestyle Plagiarizer, this title of self aggrandizement (I wasn't even sure if that was a word - I had to look it up)....

ˈˌself əˈɡranˌdīzmənt/
  1. the action or process of promoting oneself as being powerful or important.

but after doing so - I like the word even better - anyway - this title of self aggrandizement seems to be a little self serving vs lifestyle cultivating and definitely anti-themic from plagiarism, but I decided to go with it especially based on recent experiences.

Here's the problem - I'm finding myself reading less articles about how to live life right and thinking and writing more about how to live life right based on my own due diligence and life experimentation.

I'm listening to fewer people's opinions and forming more of my own facts and figures

The La La People in Santa Fe would say - "Oh - you're finding yourself!"

To which I say - "Oh boy - more psycho babble - WTF does that mean anyway?"

This didn't just happen overnight - it probably started about 10 - 15 years ago and has continued to ramp in quantity, quality and intensity during that time.

No secret - as a Lifestyle Promoter and Optimizer - I am continually looking for people who are doing things better, living life better, achieving greater levels of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational and financial development.

And for the most part, it is difficult to assess how you are doing vs the Best of the Best, because frankly, you rarely come into contact with those people.

But there are benchmarks out there, both quantitative and empirical, that you can measure yourself against.

And I guess it depends on where you place importance.

For me Health and Fitness is way up there.  I spend a lot of time, energy and money on being fit and not only being fit but looking fit.

Call it ego.... Call it vanity - doesn't really matter - it is important to me.

And I think it is a subtle and secret cornerstone in the altar to which I bow.

For years, my 2nd wife used to tell me.... "It's your attitude, William, you need to work on your attitude.  Think positive things and your attitude will change." 

I listened to her and I tried..... and my attitude never got any better.

Until I started focusing on my outer self. 

Yep - totally bassackwards right?

Well - for me the attitude began to change for the better when the physical part of me changed for the better.

The change came from the outside and worked its way inside.

See how counterculture that is?

But there's actually a whole life mechanism and process behind that.

Eating better, exercising intensely, losing weight is a self-feeding mechanism that feeds the inner self too.

Balanced insulin levels, endorphins increase following exercise, metabolization of fat stores, getting out of the sugar dependence are all positive effects of the physical pursuit of perfection.

Living Debt Free - Wow there's a concept as old as our forefathers.

Can't do it these days right?  Credit is a Good thing right?

Bullshit!  I've been debt free for over 15 years now - and am convinced it may be the single most powerful determinant of Life Happiness.

Who ever talks about being Debt Free as an important element of life?

I do and I live it.

Moving on....

Question the existence of God and seek Heaven on Earth?

Oh Blasphemy right?

Not so fast there Bible Banger!

Living in a state of balance of Mind, Body and Spirit and projecting that Positive Energy and Perspective to those around you is what Jesus did.

So why not do that in your own life and let the Bible Scholars and Primetime Pastors duke it out over the inevitable outcome of man.

Just Live Your Life in Respect and Service to Yourself and Your Fellow Man and I have a feeling you'll be all right.

In summary, as I told my son the other day -

We must each seek our own path for Peace and Enlightenment.

As for me, I grovel at the feet of No Man, Woman, god or beast.

I worship at the altar of the only one I must answer to.....

And that's Me.

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