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Monday, January 2, 2017

In this Life of Pain - I Remember Everything!

Because 2016 was filled with so many changes, activities and first time events, it was a year to remember for me.

However, for all that is worth and all that it means, all that remains of it is in the past.

It is Ok to respect and remember your history - it is what made you into what you are today.

But it's most important contribution is to provide clarity for your future.

With each step we take, we leave behind our victories and defeats and venture into the uncertainty of the future with only the experience, the joy and the pain of past experiences to guide us.

And for me, as always, the most significant learning experiences come from my failures and of those failures, the ones that haunt me, the ones that cause me the most pain and the ones that I spend the most time agonizing over and replaying in my mind and dwelling with in my spirit are those where I failed in a relationship.

Where I see the pain, the disappointment and the negative reaction to something I did or said and I feel the pain of the pain I cause.

I can get physical injuries fixed - I have.

I can recover from financial setbacks - I have.

I can get new jobs, adapt to new environments, endure grueling workouts and deal with growing old.

But I can't change the Past.

I've felt a lot of Pain and I've caused a lot of Pain.

And I Remember Everything.

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