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Friday, January 13, 2017

Finding Random Amusement in My Random Musings

Been on a tear lately with the workouts and the eating.

Getting Bigger and Stronger.

Not sure if it's the right way but for now I will keep going....

Not sure if I'll ever own another truck but if I do and it's a Chevy, it'll probably be pretty close to this one!

Got 315 on deadlifts for 5 reps which is more than I have done in a long long time.

Don't do Double Unders having to resort to 3x on Single Unders but rocked the handstand push-ups knocking out the 2 sets of 10 unbroken.

Asked BJ at Praxis where the best burger in Santa Fe was and he quickly replied -

Plaza Cafe Southside.

Have to agree that this monster was the best I have had.

Cooked medium and they actually seasoned the meat - topped with ham and pepper jack cheese and plenty of avocado, tomatoes and lettuce with a side of green chile pork stew.

I always say - I wanna be able to slurp my burger and I slurped this baby down!

Saw this bumper sticker on the drive back home and couldn't agree more.

No more "No Snowshoes" hiking for me.

Just got in my new MSR Revo Explore 25" snowshoes.

Will be trying them out on a hike in the Jemez Mtns near Bandelier Natl Monument tomorrow.

Carry on Discoverers!

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