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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Working the Plan Part 2

Phase 1 is getting all the stuff from the Motel Room into the car.

Decided to take the bike with me to the storage room so I could load all the rest of the stuff at one time.

I initially thought I was going to have to take the bicycle apart - both front and rear wheels and racks removed - to get it to fit.

Told a friend of mine that loading, packing and moving is one of my top 5 things I hate the most.

But here I go again!

Got the first layer in the 4x8 trailer.

And then decided to try to leave a "hole" on the left side of the trailer to fit the bike in intact.....

There's the hole on the left....

And that is an empty 10' x 15' climate controlled room where most of my former life's possessions had resided since December 19, 2014.

The Plan worked perfectly as I got everything in the trailer including my bike intact and the bike rack!

Freaking amazing!

Left the trunk of the Stang for clothes and overflow....

The Stang squatted a little bit but not too bad so I guess I loaded the trailer pretty good.

The Stallion looks even badder with a U-Haul trailer hung on the back....

Can you say Pack Mule?

Wouldn't have any place for her to sit even if I met one.....

Stang and Trailer are ready to roll in the morning...

Think I'll walk down the street and have a Marg and a Meal.

I think I deserve it!

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