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Saturday, August 29, 2015

5 out of 6 ain't bad

When I came back to Texas for what was supposed to be just July, I had several things on my To Do list:
  1. Figure out what was wrong with my left knee and get it fixed.
  2. Prepare for that and Recover from that.
  3. Clean everything out of my storage room that I wasn't taking with me to Santa Fe.
  4. Work as much as I could to build up a money cushion for my stay in Santa Fe.
  5. Have Fun and Enjoy my hometown / home area one last time before "committing" to Santa Fe.
  6. Load everything of material possession I valued in life and haul that and my ass to Santa Fe.
1 is done.
2a is done and 2b is in progress.
3 is done.
4 is done.  I've put in 4 - 40 hour weeks with a local company and have a little breathing room.
5 I've made a concerted effort on recently with a trip to the House of Blues and a couple of runs to the Wayside Pub in LJT.... Hey it ain't much but you gotta rejoice in small triumphs right?
6 I am beginning on the logistics of #6 today by picking up a small U-Haul trailer to stuff the rest of my life into.  Monday I will turn the Stallion's nose North by Northwest and will make a short stayover with my son to shoot a few Peace Birds out of the sky and then Drag Ass (which is probably what the Stang will be doing because it will be more like a Pack Mule than a Mustang) to Santa Fe.

Patio DJ at the Wayside Pub.

Don't know if I've Got the Life....

But it's damned sure Got Me!

And yes, with my self-prescribed change in anti-inflammatories I've made a transition from the Land of Pain back to the realm of Humanity.

And part of that realm has been rehab at CrossFit WMD.

Up and Down this list.... all I can say is that if you can do this sort of regimen in 90 degree heat, I have MUCH RESPECT for you.

Yeah I was chasing one of the trainers on the way down the list, but age, the left knee and insufficient cardio had me fade in the run back up the list.

If you think this was easy,  just take a look at my face immediately after the workout. That is not the face of Pleasure....

But that is a Full Moon.... and you know what that means.

Lots of odd and mis-behavior from the Human Race

Which I saw a lot of last night..

Did I?

Not Exactly but I tried.

So yeah..... things are coming along and resolving themselves.

Emerging from the Fog of Uncertainty, the path is slowly becoming clearer.

And the path leads to Santa Fe NM.

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