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Saturday, August 22, 2015

People with Negative Energy should do some kind of Intense Exercise!

This is a theme I have been working on a lot recently.

There's a lot of people out there under pressure from job, family, health issues and life in general and frankly, they're just not handling it very well.

They lose their temper and lash out at the world around them which usually means their family and loved ones.

Their existence becomes one of one bad scene after another until the New Normal is nothing short of a Living Hell where you never know what comes next.... except it's gonna be something negative.

There's a lot of different ways to getting this Runaway Train of Emotion back on its tracks.... Most people turn to some sort of prescribed drugs or just plain old fashioned self medication.

Let me suggest an alternative to Drugs....

Something that will improve your Physical Health and in so doing improve your....

Mental Health.

And no, it's not Quiet Riot!

And like I said, it's not any sort of hallucinogen promoting drug....

But it is something that will bring you Calm and a feeling of Peace from the inside out.

It's Intense Exercise!

And I'll tell you... I've done quite a few different programs and nothing I've ever done is more Intense than CrossFit.

This young lady.... who couldn't weight more than 120 pounds....

Is front squatting 185 lbs!

Do that about 10 - 20  times and you won't have the energy to get pissed off.

Or do a 3 level 5 min / level AMRAP - As Many Reps As Possible.

Like this one... Kettle Bell Squats.... Jumping rope 90 times... Kettle Bell Swings....Wall Walks... Kettle Bell Snatch.... Box Jumps.....

That's 15 minutes of NON-STOP intense physical exercise where you literally can't catch your breath.

This is not a Social Workout.... where you do 10 reps and then hand the bar over to your workout buddy while you talk to the girl next to you who's just there to pick up a guy.

This is Gut Wrenching, Lung Blasting, Nut Busting, Root Hog or Die, Red-Line, Level 10 intensity physical pain and suffering.

Doing it in a non-AC, 90 degree 90% humidity CrossFit Box also adds to that intensity!

When I got done with this workout, I literally laid on the ground in front of a floor fan, completely spent, gasping for breath.

Not for Everybody?  

Probably not.

But here's the takeaway..... 

For at least an hour or 2 after this workout and to some extent for the rest of the day, my entire body is the recipient of tons of endorphins and enkelphins that are secreted into my bloodstream to deal with the aftermath of that intense workout.

Call it Runner's High, Workout High, call it whatever you want.

The fact is.... it is REAL and REGULAR and REPEATABLE and is the


For whatever ails you..... especially stress relief.... and relief from Negative Thinking and Negative Words and Actions.

Why is it the Best Drug in the World?

Cause it's FREE and it's custom formulated for your Body and Mind by your Body and Mind.

It's like Mother's Milk to a Baby and Chicken Soup for a Cold.

And don't go telling me you "work hard" at work or that you don't have time to workout.

First off.... working and working out are 2 different things.  How many physical jobs out there take your pulse to 160 or greater and hold it there for 20 minutes straight?  None that I know of.

And you don't have time to workout, but you have time to come home and bitch at your spouse or your kids about meaningless shit.... you have time to take out your bad day and your bad feelings on them.

Hell - they would rather you have gone to the gym or the CrossFit Box for an hour and had the frustration taken out of you by the workout and then come home at peace floating high on natural opium.

5 minutes of Nice is way better than 60 minutes of Bitching!

Yeah.... I know some people that got way too much Fucking Energy to Bitch and jump up and down and wave their hands around wildly and yes - even want to have physical confrontations.

What those people need is a real good ass whipping in the gym.... Maybe that'll take some of the fight out of them and make them a little more pleasant.

I know it works for me.

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