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Monday, August 29, 2016

Solo CrossFit workout at The Gym in Buffalo Tx

Plageurized a workout off the Praxis website.

How you like my rigged 24" box jump?

You know me....

Where there's a Will-iam, there's a Way-iam!

Got to 225 on the squats.... That's my upper limit I agreed on with my TKR doc, Dr Stocks.

Gonna try to keep that little agreement AND my left knee intact.

Rx of 45# on the ManMakers.

What's a ManMaker you ask?

So Plank - PushUp - Row - Row - Squat / Clean / Thruster....

Plank - Repeat.....

And pullups with a mirror - Nice!

Timer is ready!

2 rounds and 5 reps for the 10 min AMRAP!

That's the best this broken down 54 year old body can do!

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