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Monday, August 8, 2016

Being Disturbed with Peace and Intensity

So I woke up thinking about a Dichotomy in My Life right now....

The Continuous Battle of Living a Life of -

Peace and Intensity.

So while I was thinking about this little internal struggle this morning, I was dialed into Comcast OnDemand "Metal" music videos and played a couple of videos from "Disturbed" - one of my favorite metal bands - that has incidentally been around for over 20 years - so they have stood the Test of Time.

Dave Draiman, the lead singer, has a unique baritone-ish sound to his voice and the band recently released a cover on the Simon and Garfunkel Classic "The Sound of Silence".

I had heard it before but for whatever reason, when I listened to it this time, something dawned on me.

In my daily quest for sucking the last bit of marrow out of every bone of life and the drive, intensity and NOISE that results from that, I have lost my ability to be still, to slow down, to stop and Listen to....

The Sound of Silence.

Now for the alter ego side of that coin.

Regardless of how you candy coat it, I am an intense person.

 I demand a lot of myself which creates a continuous sense of urgency....

A Race against Time.

A Time Trial of Intensity.

A Desire to Do, To Experience, To Challenge, To Overcome, To Fail because I Tried and to Succeed because I Failed.

I find myself facing myself....

Shouting at the Top of My Lungs instead of Being Silent with the challenges of farther, faster, stronger, leaner, smarter.....

And I stand at the top of the next hill and shout down at Myself.....

"What are you Waiting for?"

Pretty intense huh?

But maybe not so far from reality in your life too huh?

May We Seek and Discover the Perfect Balance of Peace and Intensity in All of Our Lives.

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