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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Not for the Faint of Knee!

Woke up this morning from a too short night complements of the Tuesday night Canyon Road Blues Jam at El Farol and determined to try a new Strength class at Anytime Fitness but made the mistake of going on the Praxis Train Heroic website to check out the WOD.

I saw real quick that my Mentor and Nemesis and Praxis owner - BJ - had issued another challenge to my Sense and Sensibilities -

Not to mention my lower back and new left knee.

So with 5 hours of sleep, a 1/2 a coffee of strong pot and a micro meal of chicken, cheese and apple....

I willed myself to life....

And prepared to meet the Rx challenge of the day.

With the standard warmup that reads like a workout.

And some Turkish getups and KB swings....

And a gracious nod to the Reality of an aging and decrepit Praxis population in reducing the Men's Rx deadlifts to 255#....

The New Nee and Me continue to go beyond those Galaxies of Life and Limb to the tune of 30 reps of 255# deadlifts.

No new or God given body parts ended up on the floor so there's that to be happy about.

Well done Old Man....

Well done.

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