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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Catching up on 3 months of Ideas, Experiences, Challenges in this Life of Discovery

Don't really even know how to begin this post.

I haven't posted with my normal fervency over the past few months for a variety of reasons -

More work, More travel for work, Not sleeping well thus less creative motivation.... Blah Blah Blah....

Just excuses not explanations.

But as I am apt to do, I have jotted down a few ideas and inspirations as they have come up, so that when I did have the Time, Energy and Inclination, I could revisit them and perhaps expand on them with a little more reservation and reflection than I would have had I commented on them when the idea or experience popped up.

So why don't we get started with my list and then tackle them one at a time shall we -

  • Planning and Preparation are the Keys to Success in Life.
  • Overcoming 3 Technology and 2 Mechanical Challenges
  • If Your Problems can be solved with Money..... Then You really don't have any Problems.
  • You have to be Objective - Especially about Yourself AND Your Kids.
  • "I'm a Grown Ass Man.... You Can't Talk to  Me like that!"
  • Dealing with Manipulative, Man Wannabe, Psycho Bitches
  • Several Experiences dealing with how I interact with the World around Me and the People in it:
          - When Truth and Consequences come to visit, the Shit Hits the Fan!
          - If you don't want a Solution..... Don't Tell Me Your Problems!
          - If it's Broke and You DON'T want it fixed - Don't Tell Me about it.
          - I am a Catalyst for Change.
          - People don't want to have their Lives exposed!

  • Be an Active Participant in Your Own Life.
  • It's OK to be a Rebel or an Individualist - Just don't be an Anarchist or an Asshole!
  • Sugar is Your Enemy.... .Protein and Fat are Your Friends!
  • Don't Give Up - Get Up and Bless Up.
  • "Act as a Technical Generalist" in a Variety of Disciplines
  • What I have learned about Myself over the last 8 months.
  • Money Can't Buy Happiness.... But it can can damn sure make you comfortable while you search for Happiness.
  • You think in a Tunnel.... You need to think in a Horizon!
As I began this post, I was planning on creating one massive post with the commentary to go with each of the above ideas in it, but after completing the list I realized it really needed to be a "Climb the Mountain One Step at a Time" approach so....

Consider this a Reading List for future posts with the titles listed above.

Good Saturday Morning to You America.....

Let's see what we can Discover today!

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