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Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Thursday July 12th... Do you know where you are?

It's Day 33 of the Pacific Coast Bicycle Tour and I am in San Francisco.

I'm out and about and have a laundry list of things to do including laundry. 

I'm gonna go back up Geary St a couple of miles and do the following:

1. Exchange my crapped out Mophie battery at Best Buy. Also, I'm gonna look at the Lifeproof waterproof case for my iPhone now that it's unlikely to rain again on the rest of my tour. 

2. Buy another iGo battery at the VZW store in the same plaza. 

3. Hit Safeway there and re-supply. I'm out of everything including some toiletry items. 

Once done there I need to come back, deposit all that stuff in my room and then go check out the Merrell shop I spotted last night. Want some really lightweight trail / hiking shoes. 

Then I gotta find a close bike shop and have my bike serviced - front and rear dérailleur adjustment, brakes, true wheels, etc.  I'm also out of bike oil. 

The Red Mule deserves it. 

So what have I been doing this morning. 

Talking and Texting and Walking around Downtown. 

I also need to get some "Discovery" cards made up. I'm long since out of the ones I brought with me. 

Ended up at Lefty O'Douls just cause it looked cool....

And it is...

And the Game is on.... Stage 11.... Thomas Voekler won Stage 10. 

Might as well have something to eat...

Keep it light and simple....

Cause I'm eating Curry for lunch....

If I can ever find the place again!


  1. Sounds like a plan, which you always have. I am so glad your are being able to enjoy yourself and rest your body and mind. Hope you find the curry place. Really are enjoying your pictures of the street stores,

  2. Irish (duh duh) car bomb (duh duh)

  3. You're always so melodramatic...I think the IRA was the 80s.