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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Ultimate Art Form of Self Expression: Body Sculpting

This is a post that I have hesitated to write because it goes so counter culture to the culture I now live in which is the Santa Fe NM culture.

But frankly, I've kinda gotten sick and tired of hearing so many people talk about and so many women swoon over the musicians and movie makers and sculptors and jewelry makers and the many other "artists" in this community, that I just decided Fuck it, let me throw my 2 cents worth in.

Everybody has different talents, different interests, different priorities and different ideas of what is art and how they want to express themselves.

For me, the ultimate form of expression is the Human Body.

While many spend their time expressing their images of mind and imagination on canvas or by dancing their fingers through melodic riffs on a guitar or flying across the ebony and ivory of a keyboard or carving their vision from marble or bronze....

I prefer to create my Masterpiece from the closest medium I have at hand.....

My own body.

Believe me - I have nothing but the ultimate respect for those artists who have spent their life developing their ultimate craft or form of self-expression.

But let's face it - that is just one form of self-expression.

I, too, and many like me have spent a lifetime or a good many years of pain, sweat and tears working on our own body craft.

Studying different techniques, practicing different workouts, working around and through injuries and setbacks, eating the right kinds of foods, going through trial and error on the combinations of exertion, nutrition, recovery and the effects of stress on the human body....

To carve and to refine....

At any age....

The Ultimate Art Form.

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