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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gaining Control by Giving it Away

Kind of a derivative or a continuation of the whole "Less is More" theme of Life from the prior post.

The more I've seen this concept practiced in my own life, the more I realize how effective it is especially when dealing with things involving the emotions of another person.

As I've gotten older and associated with people who are older, which is what happens when you get older, I've realized how much more rigid and unforgiving I am in dealing with other people's actions or in compromising or adjusting my own actions and style to accommodate those of another person.

The tendency is to try to exercise some control or influence over those you care about or are interested in to change their course of life and lead them to your own state of enlightenment.

And then there's that whole Life History thing where the summation of your Life Experiences come into play and influence your own perspectives on how to do things and how to interact with others.

In the end analysis, it's all about assessing the importance of differences in perspectives and style and deciding whether or not those particular elements are relational "showstoppers".

I've encountered this a few times in the past year where lines are drawn in the sand over things that to me are just minor perturbations in the Universe of Life, but to the other person, are actually Canyons of Controversy that couldn't be spanned with anything less than a Superman leap or an Evel Knievel rocket.

About the only thing you can do in those circumstances is shrug your shoulders and walk away and hope that time and consideration will bring a change in the other person's perspective or priority.

Leave the Control of the Outcome in the Other Person's hands and Live your Life.

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