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Thursday, November 24, 2016

I Always try to Never say 2 Words - Always and Never!

I know - kind of a strange title and concept for a Thanksgiving morning but it's part of a bigger picture that I am thankful for - so I figured it might be a good way to start off the day.

While professing to be an Extremist.....

Which I am.

And what I consider to be a "Fringe" person -

Which I am.

I have learned and adapted to the reality that there are No Absolutes in Life.

Things have happened that I thought would NEVER happen - there ya go - I did it already.

I have done things I NEVER thought I would do - Good and Bad.

But, despite, my natural tendency to be unique and different, I have realized the need and the benefit of not ALWAYS being so.

Or at least not being so much so.

People are initially comically amused and perhaps even interested in Extreme, Fringe people but quickly are offended, challenged or threatened by those who think and do differently from themselves.

It's difficult to be confident and committed to your own life style and life principles and still be considerate of and give credence to diverse and different viewpoints of how to live life.

Used to be, my initial reaction was to engage in a "debate" or to defend my way of doing things and attack or "constructively criticize" (another one of those "what I really mean when I say" kinda phrases) the other person's methodology.

Turns out it's just a waste of Time and Energy and creates a negative interaction.

Maybe there's nothing wrong with seeking a Middle Ground between the Poles of Right and Wrong.

It's one of the reasons I no longer Burn Bridges.

You simply cannot understand how the Complexities of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness can Conspire to Create Circumstances and Controversies that will force you to retreat to a place of Scorched Earth.

I had an experience recently where a person I cared about told me "I will NEVER ask for your help again.".

And my first reaction was to say....

"Ooh..... I would NEVER say that".

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