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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Be Your Own god!

Oh boy....

I can just hear the cries of outrage, disgust or the awe of silence from all my Christian friends and relatives when they read this title.

I've been thinking about this post for a while and have been silently talking (silently talking?  HTF do you do that? I think I'll trademark that phrase - that's the kind of vocabulary you use when you get up too early and have 4 cups of float a horseshoe coffee) to people and listening a lot and collecting anecdotes, data and just making observations.

So first things first on posts like this - which is the list of qualifications and conditions:
  • I am not renouncing my Christian faith (which is pretty easy to not do because I'm not sure I ever had any - see what I mean about the combo of sleep deprivation and coffee?)
  • This post will not be a study or endorsement of Man over God or any other Superior and Omniscient being (assuming there are any of those out there).
  • I didn't capitalize "god" in the post title which I think has some significance to the Bible Banging Christians because there's a big difference between "god" and "God".
  • I mean no disrespect or criticism to any religious faith, race, creed, ethnicity or sexual preference - Oh yeah, one more thing - I hope this doesn't hurt your dog's feelings.
  • There - that oughta cover it.
So, this whole blog is based on a path of Discovery.... Discovery of the World around You and....

Discovery of You.

I know - it sounds like one of those psychoanalysis, New Age phrases but when you look at all religions or self-awareness programs or approaches, they really center on understanding yourself and your personal relationship with the Deity of Choice - right?

And you know I'm smack dab in the Mecca for Self Awareness and Discovery  - Santa Fe NM.

This place is a melting pot for the World and with this swirling, bubbling cauldron of human experience and history, comes the blending of cultures and religions and all of the resulting knowledge, discussions, beliefs and practices that go with it.

Lately, I've been on a theme of questioning of self, life approach, decisions and basically just doing a backtest of the cycles of my Life to see if I could glean any feed forward predictions and guidance on the future.

For you Process Control people, I'm using historical data to tune my Life Controller.  Huh?  Never mind.... you wouldn't understand.

My recent posts have questioned my approach and experiences with people and I've even had a friend of mine suggest I might have some disease or condition based on my desire for solitude and social ineptness.

I dunno.... Could be but let me suggest another possibility.

As I have related many times in this blog, I have come into contact with a few people in my life that were highly influential on my life and that I respected and admired.

You can call them Mentors, Bad Ass MF'ers, Cool People.....doesn't really matter - they impressed me, motivated me and I learned from them and used the knowledge and experiences gained from them in my own life.

So here I am - 53 years old - and I look back on these people and try to see some commonality between them, shared characteristics, backgrounds, etc.....

And there really isn't any.

Except for one thing.

They were fierce individualists!  They didn't affiliate themselves with any movement, organization or belief. They were all highly moral and ethical people with great personal standards but they didn't get that way by following or adhering to any structured or established program.

They formed their own religion!

They worshiped at their own altar!

They are their own god!

And I know my friend, Serena, my devout Christian and incredible Bible scholar from my old stomping grounds back in Texas, is gonna comment on this post or maybe write me an email to cite how wrong this whole belief and approach is..... and I welcome that.... if she writes a full rebuttal, I'll even post it....

Discussions with a friend of mine from Santa Fe delve into this phenomenon much more deeply.

And it gets into a lot of beliefs and practices that, believe it or not, are not counter to a lot of religions including Christianity.

The concept of projecting positive energy to the world around you, good karma extended coming back to you, "passing it on" and having an energy field around you that resists the negative assaults of the World and that projects "Blue" waves vs "Red" waves.....  

Can you actually "manifest" or influence future events based on projection of energy through space and time?

Wow - are you really going there Wills?  You smoking too much Weed or What?  Nope.... I'm just saying...

When you listen to these kinds of discussions and you compare them with how Christians describe how the Holy Spirit works.....

Kinda sounds the same.

I know..... I know.... I'm completely distorting Christian theory and practice but Hey.... it's my blog and besides, I'm just trying to make sense of all this.

Like I said, I've met people who are their own Nuclear Reactor - my Son is one of them - I've often described him as having a "God Bubble" around him because he just can't be hurt by the World.... I used to think he was just one of those "lucky ones" that could fall off a Shit Wagon and land in a Rose Garden but more and more I've come to realize.....

He's got that thing.... He has that positive energy that guides and motivates every thought and action in his life and the world and people respond to that in a positive way....and the world and things go his way.

Oh - don't get me wrong - he works his ass off - but he has the energy to do that because he gets energy back well in excess of what he puts out....

It's almost a violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics which states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed - it can only be transferred.

These people have their own internal energy source and they project that positive energy on the world and get positive energy back far in excess of what they project.

That's why they become great and exceptional people - because they have so much more energy to work with than the average person.

If any of this is actually true, what can we do with this knowledge and how we can use it to better ourselves?

Well - it's not really an unreasonable thing to consider that, if you project a positive image to the world, that you will be rewarded.

It's also not unreasonable that this energy has to come from an internal source and that source is your own mind which controls everything in your life - your thoughts, perspectives, attitudes, body language, speech, everything - you are a customized, one of a kind energy source.

You are a Force for Good in this World.

Believe That, Project That, Live That....

Be Your Own Good....

Be Your Own God!

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