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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Are you showing your Best Colors?

You know... as I've gotten older and realized that I've gotten older, I've realized that you really have to make each day count.

You can't afford to waste time or days on bad feelings or bad anything.

I look at each day as an investment.... I have to put something into it to get something out of it.

There's a lot of shit I can't control but I am not one of them.

Used to, I would get up in the morning and I hadn't slept well or I ate or drank too much the night before or I was worried about this or that or whatever excuse I wanted to put on it and I would go face the day with a bad face and a bad attitude.

Now life problems and stress and money problems and bad relationships in marriage or with your kids can put a swammy on anybody's outlook but at some point you just have to break that vicious cycle.

You have to take responsibility for yourself and how you portray yourself to the world.

It's kinda like my 2nd wife used to say..... "It's your attitude that you need to work on William".

I would just argue and say "My attitude is the product of my environment.... my Life is shitty so my attitude is shitty".

But you know.... for the most part we create our own environment.... and we create it with our attitude and all that comes from  it.

So several years ago, I started the transition of changing my attitude.

One thing people don't realize is how much your general health affects your outlook on life and how big a role a good diet, regular exercise and a decent sleep schedule affects that outlook.

Put all those things on the top of your priority list and watch how much easier Life gets.

Do I have as many stresses and daily demands as I used to?  No.  Part of that is because my kids are grown, my wife is gone and I am alone.  Frankly, it makes Life a whole lot easier. But even now I am frequently visited by a different set of challenges and each day the opportunity is there for me to be pissed off at the World.

But I have refused to let it work its way into my day.

I get up in the morning, have my coffee and spend a few minutes thinking about all the positives in my life - all the things I've got to be thankful for.

Yeah, my fucking left knee is killing me most of the time, but I'm walking.

My financial future is uncertain but I still have a sharp mind and the willingness and ability to work.

I am blessed to live in one of the premier destinations in the World.

So now - when I leave the confines of my comfy little condo and venture out into the world of uncertainty, I do so with a smile on my face and a song in my heart..... or at least blaring through my earbuds!

I wave at people while riding my bike, I smile and greet people at the gym, I exude strength, happiness and self-confidence.  I look for and present positive things to say.  I look for opportunities to complement people and to meet new people every day.

I put on my best happy face and show my best colors!

And I am rewarded with 10 times the good karma I project.

What goes around comes around applies to a positive attitude too.

Was listening to this song recently and it made me think about this whole concept of positive projection.....

Can you feel it crush you? Does it seem to bring the worst in you out?
There's no running away from these things that hold you down
Do they complicate you because they make you feel like this?
Of all the colors that you've shined this is surely not your best

But you should know these colors that you're shining are...

[Chorus x2:]
Surely not the best colors that you shine

I know you feel alone, yeah, and no one else can figure you out
But don't you ever turn away from the ones that help you down?
Well they'd love to save you. Don't you know they love to see you smile?
But these colors that you've shined are surely not your style

[Chorus x2]

I know you're feeling like you're lost
But you should know these colors that you're shinin are
I know you're feeling like you're lost,
You feel you've drifted way too far
Did you know these colors that you're shinin' are

[Chorus x2]

Surely not the best..
(I know you're feeling like you're lost)
Colors that you shine..
(but you should know these colors that you're shining are)
Surely not the best..
(I know you're feeling like you're lost you feel you`ve drifted way too far)
Did you know these colors that you're shinin' are..

Let me ask you this.....

Everyday - when you greet your significant other, your kids, your co-workers, that stranger on the street....

Are you showing your Best Colors?

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