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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Attitude and Timing.... 2 Basic Building Blocks of a Life worth Living

Have entered a new and different phase in Life recently.

God, the Powers that Be or My Counterpart in an Alternate Universe, has slowed me down for a reason.

Not quite sure what that is yet, but am embracing it with the understanding and expectation that I must learn and change to take advantage of it.

No use pushing on a string.

You have a choice when Life presents you with difficult circumstances.

You can recede, resign and recline....


You can embrace the Setbacks in Life.
They might be trying to tell you something.
And if you have the courage and the humility...
And take time to listen.
You might learn something about Yourself.
And become better for it.

Was watching "Later... with Jools Holland" this morning - one of my favorite shows offered on the Palladia channel on Comcast.

Love this musical extravaganza because it showcases and highlights an incredible menagerie of past, current and new musical talent.

This particular show had an eclectic combination of talent.... Adele, R Kelly, Lizz Wright and a combo of Charlie Wilson and John Newman.

So I opened my ears and my mind to its offerings.

And I wasn't disappointed.

Heard 2 incredible presentations from Adele and then R Kelly cued up and sang this gorgeous song that left the audience, Adele and everyone in the Jools Holland studio in a standing ovation and me in near tears....

On the surface, some might look at me and my life and say "Man - what have you got to bitch about - you have a great Life".

And they would be absolutely right.

But it doesn't mean that I haven't had my fair share of challenges and setbacks....

From a first marriage that left me betrayed and empty to Life as a Single Parent where I dealt with the guilt and tragedy of a broken home and family.

To trying to hang on to and continue to develop a relationship with a Son that I basically raised but had no biological or relational right to.

And a daughter that is my Life passion.

So I embraced the grind of a New Life and a New Direction...

That led me into a second marriage....

Which was probably right at the Time but that Time and my Own Failures led to...


Life seemed to be just a....

Tiring Game....

In retrospect, it was all about....

Attitude and Timing.

You have to be able to recognize if something is right for you and right for the other person and perhaps realize that it's not right for who you are and where you are in the Walk of Life.

I've come to realize that I'm just a Life Wanderer and Wonderer.

It's easier to look at relationships as Life Paths coming together..... some for a short time... some for a Life Time.

I can't waste time and effort on those people who view me as an anomaly or an oddity.

My enthusiastic, expressive, extroverted, open-minded and open-hearted Way of Living is a Turn Off to most.

My Son and I have this running debate on my approach to Life with him advising me to present a more conservative, hold something back, less revealing, less amped up view of myself to the World and I argue for the "Here I am, Full Disclosure, this is Me - Take it or Leave it" approach.

He and I are about as different as 2 people can be, but the underlying respect and love that we have for each other provides a foundation for a relationship that grows and changes with Time.

My Game is nothing new....

It's kinda the way I've always been and always will be.

Been leaning to the Jazz / R&B side of music lately with the help of a friend who looks and sounds a lot like Lizz Wright -

So with the help of a new day, new hope and my ever present and never failing love, Ms. Caffeine.... which is my true Soul and Sole mate!

I cruise into this beautiful Saturday morning with the cool sounds of Kandace Springs...

Realizing that while Love has sometimes gotten in the Way of Life...

I have no regrets.

Don't know how I stumbled onto this one but Holy Shit.... if ever there was a Wonder Woman...

Come on Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas.... or wherever you call home.

Let's cop an attitude of Hope and Expectation...

That Today is gonna be the Best Day of....

The Rest of Our Lives.

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