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Monday, January 18, 2016

Control what you can - Especially what you eat!

I am absolutely convinced that the single most important element of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is....

What You Eat!

What You Put in your Body defines who you are, what you can be and what you are capable of - Good or Bad.

Lean Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, Seeds and Berries..... That is one option for a healthy well being.

Roasted chicken breast, pan grilled egg plant, green beans, onions, peppers and banana....

Beautiful and Healthy Food makes a Beautiful and Healthy Body and Mind!

Blackened Sirloin, veggies, homemade pico de gallo.

Turkey stuffed bell pepper, Tuscan Kale, Veggies.

Tacos with sliced sirloin and veggies.

More sliced sirloin, pan grilled squash, green beans, eggplant, peppers and spring mix with carrot sticks and tomatoes.

Beautiful fruit plate with kiwi, blackberries, raisins and mixed nuts.

Aaaaah.... there's the meat - TJ's Apple Bacon and Pastrami.

Got below the 170 mark.....  and eating the high volumes of food you see above.....

It's not how much you eat..... It's what you eat that counts.

Roasted chicken breast tacos with corn torillas, pan grilled eggplant and Japanese baked sweet potatoes and spring mix salad.

This kind of food may not make you completely Invincible but it will definitely build your immune system and give you the energy you need to jump over tall buildings in a single bound.

Let's build a meal with spring mix, arugula, organic basil, heirloom tomatoes and.....

Cast iron skillet grilled Wild Sockeye Salmon - 2 minutes on each side - no need to kill it twice!

Nice.... and add a scoop of Chocolate Protein mix to the Fruit Punch Creatine mix and get the muscle restoration and electrolytes you need to build that body bigger, badder and better than it was before!

Old School Meets New Ways....

TJ's Sweet Basil and Pesto Chicken and Turkey Sausage resting on a bed of creamy Southern Grits with thin sliced Parm - Gouda combo cheese with micro greens slopped over 2 pieces of TJ's Peppered Turkey Bacon, 2 eggs over easy, Organic Basil, Cherry tomatoes and jalapenos.

Build a Meal.... Build a Body....

Double fisted cast iron skillets.....

Eggplant slices on the left....
Red Bell Pepper, Poblano Pepper and Jalapeno Pepper on the right.

On deck....
3/4" thick Wild Sockeye Salmon fillet seasoned with salt, pepper, Garam Masala, Hot Madras Curry Powder, Turmeric and Cumin.
Yellow Squash
1 slice of TJ's Artisan sourdough bread.

Beautiful salmon sandwich with parsley, arugula, tomatoes, eggplant and squash.

Dessert - Raspberries, Blueberries, Kiwi,  Yellow Mango, Almond - Cashew, Raisin - Chocolate Chip mix.

There's a Parade of Beautiful Food that reinforces the Concept of.....

What You Eat is the Essence of your Health and Well Being!

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