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Thursday, August 10, 2017

60 min AMRAP is done - Only Heat-up remains!

My style of fire roasted Hatch chiles!

Gotta put the Sweet Onions and Bratwurst on together.

Squash is next.

Must have some sweet to go with all that savory so how about fire roasted Fuji apples.

And last but not leats - the meats!

And yes I did misspell least so it would rhyme with meats.

Come on folks - let's pick it up.

Everything gets a drizzle of balsamic and EVOO as it comes off and a final mix and chop so all that good vegetable juice, acid and good fat gets on everything.

Holy tasty veggies and fruit Batman!

Ribeyes are done with 3 mins on each side. This has them medium rare but remember I will be heating these up in a cast iron skillet so that medium rare will end up medium which is the way I like my steak.

It's already dead - don't need to kill it twice.

Pork chops are getting another 2 - 3 mins in the background depending on thickness.

I put the meats on the top so any drippings will fall down on and through the veggies for added flavor.

What? Mouth watering?

Yeah I thought so.

Total Cook Time including prep'g the veggies and fruit = 1 hour.

That's at least 15 meals worth of meat and veggies done in 60 minutes.

I may not be able to finish a tough WOD under the time cap but I can damn sure cook great tasting nutritious food fast.

I'd say this AMRAP is done and only the Heat-up remains.

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