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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh Hail.... This is your sign Stupid!

What you're looking at is hail on the ground on my sister's porch in Angleton Tx on the night of 04/17/15.

This was something that was definitely not welcome.

Here's a video of that hailstorm as it was falling:

And right after:

And the worst part of it was that my beautiful red baby... my 2014 Ford Mustang was out in it.

The car cover was no match for the larger than golf ball sized hail.

The car sustained over 150 hail dents on the hood, roof and trunk cover.... even high on one side.

The Stang is in the shop now with an expected return on April 29th.

I had told several of  my friends and family that I was considering coming back to the Gulf Coast to live but that I would be looking for some sign.... some data point.... to help me make the decision.

I got back to the Gulf Coast of Texas on the evening of 03/31/15.

It rained and stormed all but 2 days since then culminating in a hail storm that wreaked havoc on my sister and brother in law's vehicles, trailer,  house and yard and dropped a tree on my nephew's house a mile up the road and caused $6600 damage to my car.

I had forgotten how lousy and unpredictable the weather was on the Gulf Coast.....

But I was reminded of it in a most painful way.

As the old saying goes.... "Here's your sign Stupid!"

I've had my Sign and my wake-up call.

I may have to return to the Gulf Coast out of financial necessity but just as soon as I get my car back and stuff it full of everything it will carry and hang my mountain and road bike on a rack off the back, I'm pointed the nose of the Stang North by Northwest and I'm heading back to.....

Santa Fe.


  1. I have a question--what happens if there a hailstorm in Santa Fe that is even worse and does greater damage? or you get i to an accident, or get sick? Is that a "sign" that you should leave there and go somewhere else? Then what if something "bad" happens there? Where does it end? Seems like there's gotta be a better way to go about making major life decisions...maybe the problem isn't the location....just my thoughts!

  2. My muse speaks. Texas will always be my home but my long term plan has always been to relocate to a more climate hospitable and mountainous environment. Santa Fe is the first step in what will likely be a long journey of....