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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CrossFit Eufaula meets CrossFit WMD

And here's the Happy Winners after the WOD.

We returned to my other sister's - Vicki's house - where I made a nice cast iron skillet grilled tuna fillet caught by my nephew, Evan, in the Gulf of Mexico.

And the next workout....

is 2 rounds of 6 exercises - 3 min each:

Shoulder the Stone where this 171 lb 52 year old put the 173# stone from ground to shoulder twice - once on the right shoulder.... once on the left.
Box Jumps
Wall Walk
Best Rope Climb
Wall Balls
Butterfly Pullups

Then we did the real workout.... can you believe this?

I did A.... 3 rounds for time

10 Power Cleans with 1353
15 Ring Dips
20 Kettlebell Swings with 53#

I tied for last place at 11:51 but was just happy to get through it.

See what I'm talking about by variety....

Deficit Deadlifts for Strength.
Toes 2 Bar for 10 descending rep rounds.
10 min AMRAP of ascending by 3 rep 
Wall Balls
Box Jumpovers
Hand release Push ups.

152 reps was pretty close to the top number of 158 for our workout group so I was happy.

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