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Monday, May 1, 2017

Pick your Place - Pick your Season!

Back in my hometown, you're looking at heat, humidity and precipitation.

In my new hometown, sunshine is on the horizon.

Sometimes you have to

Change your Seasons.

Sunday Snowshoe!

And my first trip to the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid.

For some cool music from Cactus Slim and the Goatheads and a hot jalapeño and cucumber chile salt margarita.

And one helluva sunset.

And a late night salad with chicken thigh.

With Monday Morning front squats, power cleans and box jumps.

And a stop at The Pantry on my bike ride home for my once a month pancake breakfast.

The Seasons change and the Years roll by whether we want them to or not.

Might as well be in a place and a place in your life that you enjoy.

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