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Sunday, May 29, 2016

White Trash Millionaire - Discovery is Back in Business!

Haven't been able to post pics to the blog from my cell phone.

I issued a $200 challenge to members of my family which includes some of the smartest people I know or to any of their smart IT cohorts to solve this problem and my son Aaron came through.

In a nutshell, Blogger changed the way MMS can be sent to a blog. 

I had reviewed the blogger "Settings" page at least 20 times and it used to have a "Mobile input" section that tied your particular cell phone # to your blog for the purpose of sending texts with pics to your blog.  You simply sent the MMS message to "" and it would automatically post to the blog because it originated from the cell phone # tied to the blog in the "Settings / Mobile Input" section. 

I had noticed that section had been deleted. 

There had always been an "Email" section which remained. I looked at it several times but dismissed it because I didn't want to send anything from email.  I wanted to send it straight from my cell phone via text. 

Well it turns out that the email address for the blog now listed in Settings / Email is the vehicle for doing that. 

Based on Aaron's findings and counsel, I replaced the "" email address in my "Blogger" contact in my iPhone with the email address listed in Settings / Email.....

And sent the text message to that email address - 

And it works just like it always did!

I can send up to 20 pics per text message interspersed with text. 

Discovery is back in business!

So the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER of the $200 is.....

My son AARON!

My goal is to end this life as a.....

Remember Copperhead from  Kill Bill Vol 1?

This is not her!

This is the Real Deal!

I hate it when you look at me that way!

Feeling a little more like this these days.....

Less like a White Zombie....

and More Human than Human!

Still fascinated with the Viking culture and especially one aspect of it......


And speaking of Vikings and Berzerkers.....

Who looks more like one than Zakk Wylde!!!

Now if this was in Red, I would pony up a hundid for a ticket!

Stopped in at a little place called the Pharm near a place for a recent job assignment.

You know you're in Texas when there's deer heads and duck mounts all over the wall.

In Santa Fe NM, they'd crucify you for this.

In Jewett Tx, it's an Art Form!!!

And speaking of Phart Pharm, here's a kinda Paleo selection off the menu....

Sweet Potato, Fried Catfish, Turnip Greens and Grilled Gulf Shrimp!

And No Place But Texas would they have a display case in the bathroom with LIVE AMMO!

You could bring down a bear with these!

Or these!

Thanks Aaron.

You have made a grumpy old man into a happy and grumpy old man.

Like I always say...

If your problem can be solved by money....

Then you don't have a problem.

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