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Thursday, May 19, 2016

2 Week is 2 Strong for the Nue Nee: Picking Up Where I Left Off - Part 1

Wow! It's been over a month since I've posted - What's Wrong With Me?

Actually - Nothing - I'm fine as Frog's Hair!

There's just been a lot going on and I haven't taken the time to sit down at my laptop and piece together the pieces of my Life for the last 5 weeks.

Part of it is because, as I have said many times before, Google Blogger has taken away the ability to do Mobile Posting, i.e. post pics and texts straight from your cell phone.  Since most of my thoughts and the posts generated from them are relatively spontaneous, I have lost that ability to Post on the Fly.

The other reason I haven't posted is because I have been doing other things - Like What You Ask?

Well - Read on and Find out.

I'm basically gonna Pic Up the Pic Parade right where I left off. on 04/12/16, 8 days after my Left Knee Total Replacement Surgery, and just add dialog from what I can remember.

So here goes.....

Seen this one before but I continue to try to remind myself to do this....

Upside down photo but a good example of a quick nutritious breakfast of boiled egg, banana with cinnamon, strawberries and mixed nuts.

 My constant companions Frick and Frack!

Definitely the approach I have been taking.

Doing the seated stepper at Brazosport Rehabilitation and Wellness - - my GoTo places for getting back anything I've lost!

The Doc must have really manhandled be during the TKR to get this kind of bruising on the back of my leg - Wow!

Getting some shock treatment.

You know, the bottom line is you are responsible for nearly everything that happens to you - Good or Bad.  Accept that and Own that and you will be amazed how many Good things happen to you!

Checking out some non-Paleo indulgences at the HEB Bakery!

Love the Bulk Spices section too!

And of course, you gotta have fresh flowers!

No Grocery Store in Texas would be complete without an Outdoor section!

Beautiful thick cut Pork Chop with veggies and a couple of chunks of that beautiful Cranberry - Pistachio bread with real butter and a glass of milk.

Just look at all that beautiful vegetable juice combined with the EVOO and Balsamic the veggies were dressed with.

And no table is complete without fresh flowers!

Making a spread of Paleo goodness for my daughter.

My daughter was having some knee pain issues - I think it was patella tendonitis - so I loaned her a pair of m RockTape kneecaps and they really helped.

Everybody needs a few words of praise and encouragement some time.

Freaking Texas Gulf Coast weather definitely needs some words of encouragement!

Knocking out 24 different leg exercises everyday - almost an hour - for my leg rehab.

And of course keeping up with my videos in the morning - like Mary J Blige.

Keep telling everybody about my "special seasoning" mix including Garam Masala.  Hardly anyone has ever heard of it or know what it contains so I keep sending this link.

Music Videos and....

Catahoula hounds and....

Pit Bulls and.....

More Pit Bulls!

This one's my favorite and also the most destructive of the bunch.... Chews up everything!

Now people in Santa Fe will understand why I moved away from the Texas Gulf Coast!

I would say that was the only factor but there were a few more.....

Just love the mountains and the cool, clear skies.

Another Pile of Paleo goodness.

One of my daily chores was feeding the dogs 3 times a day.

And feeding me 3 times a day!   This one's AHI tuna over rice and veggies.

And figuring out how to deal with the flooding on the back patio of my ex-wife's house.

Another light breakfast before a Rehab session - the usual suspects - boiled eggs, banana with cinnamon, strawberries,  macadamia nuts and walnuts.

My greatest enemy is....


Done with the Rehab session and have to undergo the most painful part - Keeping the leg straight for 12 minutes under shock and ice!

These 4 go together like Birds of a Feather!

Taking a Tour of the New Lake Jackson Kroger's which resembled more of a Walmart than a grocery store so I named it KROMART!

Yep - there's even a clothing section.

Having lunch at my favorite Mexican food dive in Clute Tx - El Jimador - with my favorite plate - Taquitos Mexicanos with El Pastor.

Whipping up a Southern classic with a healthy twist - Turkey Bacon with Grits and Eggs.

Devil Dogs!

Yep - this is where the comparisons end.

It's all about the Weather folks!

Continuing a theme of Responsibility for your own actions and Fortune and Misfortune!

Taking out the trash - each new activity on the new Knee is a challenge!

Another bowl of morning goodness.

That'll do for Part 1 on the catch-up.  

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