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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Keeping a Clear View of Yourself

Another one of those phrases that means little without context.... or unless you were there.

In a Group Exercise Class at Anytime Fitness in Santa Fe NM this morning.  It was actually a "Dance and Stretch" class which I can only describe best as a combination of Yoga, extreme range stretching and "body release" and fluidity movements that relieve stress in hips, back, shoulders and neck.

As in nearly all Group Exercise Classes that are not totally jam packed, each person picks their "favorite" spot.

And my favorite spot is at the front of the class just to the right of the instructor, where I ended up this morning.

There's also an unwritten rule of etiquette in group exercise classes.

You don't line up directly with the person or persons behind you.  You or the person behind you sidestep / move their mat just enough to give the person behind a clear view of themself in the mirror.

I did that this morning and the instructor asked what I was doing and I replied....

"I'm just making sure the person behind me can get a clear view of themself."

Several people in the class immediately exclaimed at the literal and philosophical implications of the statement and the lady next to me that reads my blog said "Looks like you have another blog post".

To which I replied "I am already writing the post in my mind".

And now I am putting the thought to paper..... errr to the ethernet.

The double entendre of the statement is pretty obvious but I'll state it anyway.

We all want people in our life, some of  more importance and significance than others.

The problem exists when we let those people get between us and the person in the mirror....

Then all we see is the other person and we lose sight of ourselves.

Put that in your Pipe and Smoke it!

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