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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Another Random Weekly Walk through the Land of Discovery

Have been gravitating toward jotting down a few thoughts and experiences during the week and then relating those in a single post format.

And this is another one of those.

So here's the topics for this weekly think-fest:
  • Do you really think it matters who is President?
  • Don't blame Obama for high health insurance costs.
  • Find the Right Asshole.
  • Last Dance Last Chance for the Left Knee.
  • Fat is your Friend. Simple Carbs / Sugar is your Enemy.
  • Live like a Viking.
Do you really think it matters who is President?

It's amazing to me how excited, animated and engaged people get over politics especially current Presidents and Presidential candidates.  Based on what I have seen, experienced and have deduced based upon watching this nation's and the world's ups and downs, ins and outs and machinations and manipulations, for most of my adult life, which amounts to about 35 years, it really doesn't matter a hill of beans who is President other than it's somewhat embarrassing on the World Stage when the US President is an idiot. 

I won't name names but you can probably think of a few that fit that bill over the past 35 years.

And the reason why it really doesn't matter who is President is because the President really doesn't have any power.

In case you don't know it, the World is run by a relatively small group of individuals / families who control the World and World events like a puppet on a string.  Ever wonder why the War on Terror never gets won?  It has less to do with religion and the history of racial hatred and wars and more about sustaining those conflicts for the purpose of the Arms and Defense and High Tech Industries that support conflict of any kind.

Same thing with the US Food, Drug and Medical Industries.  Big Food pays off the government to promote a recommended Diet and Nutrition Plan that guarantees a Fat and Unhealthy population.  Doctors are set up to prescribe more Drugs to treat the results of a population consuming an unhealthy diet.  It's a Vicious Money Making Cycle.

And don't even get me started with the Banking, Finance and Insurance industries and the Currency and Financial Manipulations of World Asset Markets that have gone on for the last 35 years and transferred most of the World's Wealth to the hands of those in control of the Engineered Market Swings and Crashes.
The reason there is no Middle Class is because they have been reduced to the Lower Class through the raping of their 401k's.  

Do you really think the President has any control over any of these industries or the money that backs them?

Wake up and smell the money.

Don't blame Obama for the High Health Insurance costs.

Geez - based on the way people talk about Obama, you'd think he was personally responsible for every negative major world event that's happened over the last 8 years including the High Cost of Health Insurance.

Let me ask you a simple question.

Why are Health Insurance Premiums so high?

Let me help you.

The simple answer is because people are using their health insurance more by going to the doctor because they are sick more or they are having procedures to correct health issues, etc.

Let me ask you another simple question.

Why are people using their health insurance more now than they were 20 years ago?  Hint:  You're not going to like the answer.

The reason why people are using their health insurance now more than ever is because more people are fatter now than ever before.

If 90% of the US Population was within 10 lbs of their ideal body weight, health insurance premiums would decrease by 50% in less than 3 years.

And why are so many people so fat?

Because they eat too many simple carbs - gluten containing food, grains, breads, pasta, rice, beans, legumes and too many processed foods and not enough protein, good fats and complex carbs in the form of fresh veggies.

More on this later in this post.

Find the Right Asshole.

A potentially controversial and somewhat comical statement without context.

So let me provide some context.

I had a conversation with someone the other day who is between relationships and I suggested that a new job / workplace they were engaged in might provide some new and better prospects for a future relationship.
The person's response was "No. I'm not interested in anybody there.  They're all a bunch of assholes."

I related this little experience in conversation with another individual and they came back with one of those totally spontaneous, uniquely original but equally meaningful life axioms.....

"Hell - Everybody is an Asshole.  The trick is to find the Right Asshole for you." 

I am still laughing about the absolute, simple and totally comical truth of this.

Last Dance.... Last Chance.... for the Left Knee.

I went out Friday night and listened to a couple of bands hoping to get in some dancing on what will be my last weekend in Santa Fe for a while.  But the music the bands played wasn't to my liking and I finally gave up and limped back to my car without much to do about dancing.

Last night, my favorite local Classic Rock band, the John Kurzweg band, was playing at a local restaurant / bar, Cowgirl's, so I decided to try again.  I got there about 8:50 pm and the band was already playing and to make a long story short, I danced my ass off or more literally, I danced to where I couldn't walk any more. 

I figured this was the Last Chance for a Last Dance on the Left Knee that God gave me and I was going to make the most of it.

Right around midnight, I limped / dragged the left leg on the short walk back to the car, got back to the house and dragged the leg upstairs and into bed where I tossed and turned for 2 hours from the knee pain and woke up this morning with a knee so tender that I was doing dips on the stair railing just to get downstairs but by God I enjoyed my....

Last Dance!

Fat is your Friend.  Simple Carbs / Sugar is your Enemy.

I've been talking about this for several years now but have really been stepping up on the soapbox more lately about this topic.

Here's the short and not so sweet story.

Everything the government, FDA, medical industry, food industry and all the "experts" at the gym are telling you about "Low Fat" diets is....


Securing at least 50% of your daily calories from "good fats" like pure butter, animal fat, meats, eggs, nuts (not peanuts), healthy oils like coconut and olive oil is the secret to losing weight. 

The main reason is that these foods DO NOT trigger a high insulin response to correct a high blood sugar condition like you get with simple carbs such as grains, breads, pastas, rice, potato, beans and legumes and processed foods that are laden with sugar.

Cut out the simple carb / sugar containing processed foods and focus on proteins, fats and complex carbs from dark, leafy vegetables and other veggies like broccoli, asparagus, peppers, onions, squash, zucchini, etc. and you will lose weight and regain the body appearance and composition of high school AT ANY AGE.

The Paleo diet is the definition of this kind of nutritional profile -

Live like a Viking.

The History Channel Series "Vikings", now in its 4th season, is my new favorite TV series.

Not only is the series and individual episodes incredibly well done from a character development, scene / location variety and cinematic grandeur perspective, but it roughly follows the history of the Viking culture and the World events of that day and time.

Watching the series and doing periodic Googles on different characters and events from the series has led me to appreciate the characteristics, culture and lifestyle of the Vikings.

Here are few of my takeaways from the "Vikings" that could be applied for success in the modern day world:
  • Despite the depiction of hedonistic and adulterous activities in several episodes, the central theme of Vikings culture is devotion to and respect of the family unit, especially love for the children.
  • A "Free" woman in Viking society actually had more rights and garnered more respect than most modern day women.  Many female Vikings were "Shield Maidens", where they fought side by side with the men in vicious combat.  They also could divorce their husbands for marriage compromise events such as adultery.  They could also hold the same high societal / governmental ranks as their male counterparts such as being Earls or Queens over a large region / territory.
  • The Viking Diet was very close to the Paleo Diet mentioned above and they ate a lot of Creatine-containing meats which contributed significantly to the height, mass and strength they are famous for. Here is a description of meats high in Creatine, many of  which are obviously right in the wheelhouse of a typical Viking's diet - 

Wild Game

  • Wild game is the richest dietary source of creatine, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Game meats include rabbit, venison, elk, wild boar, ostrich, moose, buffalo, bison, squab and wild duck. As a bonus, game meat has significantly fewer calories, more lean body tissue and less saturated fat than domestic meats, according to the South Dakota Department of Health. Game meat is also higher in heart-healthy polyunsaturated fat than domestic meat.
  • Vikings fought with the Tactics and Tenacity that often had their battles won before they even started. Famous for their No Fear No Prisoners "Berserk" style of fighting, they would be the ultimate shock troops on a modern battlefield.
  • In addition to their all out battlefield tactics, the Vikings also made alliances between warring factions and even entertained and adopted Christianity in order to control conquered regions.  Bottom line is they did anything and everything required to "Adapt, Modify and Overcome".  Modern day up and comers would be well served to study the "boardroom" tactics of the Vikings.
There's 6 topics and commentary that are about as wide ranging as you can get and that will hopefully give you some new information, insight and perspectives on the topics listed.

I welcome you to comment on this or any posts you read on this blog in the "Comments" box below each post.

Hope you have a great week!

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