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Monday, October 3, 2016

Women like a Bad Boy.....

Until he acts like a Bad Boy.

Or put another way....

Women want a Bad Boy just as long as he's a Good Bad Boy.

Not that I can speak from the perspective of being a Real Bad Boy -

Because I'm not.

But for being such a Good Boy, I'm a pretty Bad Boy.

I mean let's face it, any 54 year old guy who would put his body through some of the torture I have put my body through and achieve the results I've had.....

Well - let's just say no self-respecting Good Boy would do that.

And my outlier viewpoints, the way I talk, the way I think and the way I act....

Is not exactly Good Boy material.

So it seems that Women want to get to know me -

Until they get to know me.

And the funny thing about it is I tell them up front, I can be pretty raw and uncut at times.

I even use that description in my blog description because as I like to say, if you wanna know about me, read my blog - shocking as it may be.

Yeah - it's kind of amusing.  I'm pretty full disclosure about myself to people.

They say..... "Aaah, you're such a nice guy".

And I tell them..... "Uh - not really.  I can be a real asshole at times".

And then it happens -

And they're surprised.

Go figure.

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